When I first posted on Facebook that Cian had cancer, we
wanted that as a vehicle to update everybody on progress and to raise awareness
of his condition and treatment.

Although I was expecting messages of sympathy, solidarity
and support; what we didn’t expect was the level of generosity and offers of
help that has materialised from family, friends and strangers.

We are totally overwhelmed by the amount of money raised to support the family and cannot begin to thank everyone.

We haven’t got any concrete plans on how to spend
donations as yet, beccause we are still not fully clear of Cian’s future long term care needs. For instance, although some
physiotherapy will be provided on the NHS, we may want to supplement that. The current prognosis is that he is unlikely
to walk fully again; but we want to give him the best chance possible to prove the
consultants wrong, or if not, to achieve the best mobility and independence
that he can.

We may also want to treat Cian (and perhaps his siblings) to
something special post-treatment.

I totally understand and respect that some people may feel uncomfortable
donating to the family, so we would certainly not be offended if you would
prefer to make a donation directly to any of the charities that are helping
Cian. If you decided to do this, we
would ask that you mention Cian if you have the opportunity of doing so. These are:

Noah’s Ark Childrens Hospital, LATCH, Dreams & Wishes, CLIC Sargent, Kids Cancer Charity, Velindre Cancer Centre and Newlife.

For more information about these charities and how they have helped Cian, you can download our charity guide.

The long term goal is to start a formal charity to meet the aims of educating the masses about AT/RT cancer, to help generate research, which could one day lead to treatments and a cure.