Today was the start of Cian’s radiotherapy.
The latest in the series of incredibly powerful treatment that will make Cian ill; but hopefully also the next step on the road to recovery.

It is important to Cian’s mum and I, the treatment goes as smoothly as possible with little or no complications that could adversely affect Cian’s recovery or his well being.
It is the way of the world that things will not always go according to plan. This might be because Cian’s condition may change and decisions will be made for the better of Cian; but unfortunately things can also be compromised by a breakdown in process.

Considering that for the last couple of years my own work has thrown me into the world of quality standards and proficiency testing; I am more than aware that people are only as good as the procedures to which they operate.

Today started well as Cian slept OK, and he was in a good mood waking up. We got him ready and the transport arrived on time. Unfortunately, things went a little pear shaped and a trip that should have lasted between an hour and a hour and a half, took over 5 hours; thus causing Cian to miss lunch and have his medication delayed.
There was also a real possibility that the start of the radiotherapy would be postponed.

As I mentioned, there was nobody specifically to blame, it appeared to just be a breakdown in the process. An incident form is being completed so that it can be investigated and corrective actions taken. My calculations show that this is the third incident that has directly affected Cian.

When I started these blogs I promised myself that it would be a positive experience, and any negativity would be glossed over; and that is still the case.

All the people that are caring for Cian are absolutely and unequivocally committed to getting Cian better; and I haven’t met a single person involved in his care that I do not completely trust with my son. These people are professionals and are no doubt experienced and competent at what they do.

When something does go wrong, the important thing is that an apology is made and steps are taken so that it could not happen again. I think we have just been a little unlucky; and when this is compounded by the terrible misfortune of being effected by rare cancer, which itself presented in a way that made it even more uncommon, it’s not surprising we think that things are going against us.

The good news is that Cian has now started his radiotherapy and there doesn’t seem to be any obvious immediate side-effects. But like the chemotherapy, there will be challenges that Cian will face from this treatment.

In other news, Dylan and I had our haircut.. 6 weeks after they really should have been, but Dylan looks a little smarter when he starts back to school… but, as I am responsible for ironing and getting him and Bethany ready for their first day back, how smart they actually look will be debatable.
Staying on the hair front, Cian still has some wispy hair left and the rate of it falling out has definitely dropped.