Thankfully the weekend has arrived, and it couldn’t come
soon enough for any of us.

Dylan and Bethany (D&B) started the new school term, so
it was a case of devising a routine that would suit all of us as much as

This was important as Cian’s radiotherapy started this week,
so it goes without saying that both mum and I wanted to be present for the

We think we have it cracked… one of us will stay at home
with Dylan and Bethany while the other looks after Cian at the hospital. This will alternate regularly.

D&B will be dropped at the school breakfast club and the
trip to Velindre in the car starts. As
it during rush hour, the 12 mile journey can take anything between 20 minutes to
an hour.

Cian gets picked up by an ambulance (with the other parent)
between 7:45 and half 8. That journey
takes about 10 minutes.

So Cian has both parents at Velindre before his treatment

When that’s over we all go back to Noah’s Ark in car and

The day progresses with the various visits by the different
specialists and by 4pm either mum or I will head back home to pick D&B from
after-school club.

Then it all starts again!… that is until the weekend; when
we can all be together at the hospital.

I went to a retirement function last night, so D&B
stayed with their nan. It was a good
opportunity for me to catch up with old friends, have a civilised few drinks,
and switch off for a few hours.

Cian was a little quiet today, which I don’t like to see,
but he did perk up when Laura and Kylie (2 play assistants from other wards)
paid him a visit.

Cian knew Laura before his arrival at the hospital as she
was his key worker at the private nursery he attended in Llanharan from the age
of 6 months until 3 when he started primary school; so she has made a special
effort to drop in on occasions and make him smile.

During the visit Cian also had to have some medication
through his tubes, which all of a sudden he has developed an aversion to, and
also his wiggly (Reminder: Hickman Line) dressing renewed. So I have to thank both Kylie and Laura for
helping me keep Cian as calm as we could.

I was hoping that as Cian had none of his big treatments
this weekend (i.e. chemotherapy or radiotherapy), he would be up for doing

The plans for Saturday were to take D&B swimming ,and we
would all use the lounge in the latch accommodation in the evening (including
Cian), to watch a film and eat some nibbles.
Cian was very excited about this.

Unfortunately Cian fell asleep very early, possibly due to
the anti-sickness medication he’s on, and didn’t get the chance to join D&B
who watched Despicable Me 2 in comfort.

Cian is on anti-sickness as a precaution. He has been physically sick once early this
week, and has had a few bouts of dry retching.
This doesn’t help with his appetite, and as such he is been fed a food
supplement 20 hours a day through a pump.
This makes it tricky to organise time-out.

But I’m determined that Cian will have his time to watch a
film with his brother and sister and eat junk food. So I will see what I can organise for
tomorrow (Sunday).

We are expecting a visitor tonight as Bethany’s tooth came out; so as well as Santa managing to find us at the hospital we now await the tooth fairy! At least, that will give Bethany something to smile about in the morning and hopefully kick-start a positive day.