Friday night was a good one for Cian and me in the
ward. We had a full night sleep!

Since Cian proved that he could empty his bladder, he no
longer has to be woken to pee in the middle of the night. So he woke independently at half 7 to have a wee and then
he asked for a cuddle… so I lifted him out of bed and sat on the comfy seat,
where he fell back to sleep on my lap for another hour. What a treat!

It is so much easier to get Cian in and out of bed when we
don’t have a catheter to consider.

When the rest of the clan came down from the Latch
accommodation, we demonstrated how Cian uses his standy contraption… still need
to find out the right name for it!

As only Cian could, when he was in it he said he was like
Titan the Robot. For any of you who has
holidayed in Butlins, you will know what we mean… and if Cian is Titan, then I
guess that makes mum Dave!

We spent some time down the playroom playing games and doing
a few crafts.

In the afternoon I took Dylan and Bethany to Jump (indoor
play centre) in Llanishen where we met up with their niece Skylah who turned 3

Dylan decided to have an accident on the drop slide and took
some of the skin off his heel. Given all
the courage shown by Cian it was frustrating to see Dylan so upset by his
injury.. but being the caring dad I am, I did show him some sympathy in between
mocking him. He then got slightly
annoyed with me… now I guess I know why Cian has the same reaction when he
wakes from his anaesthetic. I really
need to be a bit more compassionate!

We got back in time to have some tea and sing happy birthday
to Skylah via Facetime, who was now back at home and having a birthday tea
party. Cian enjoyed seeing her blow out
her candles.

Next we all went up to the Latch lounge upstairs and spread
out to watch a bit of TV. It was nice to
spend so time as a family together, although I did manage to fall asleep.

No real negatives to talk about today apart from him picking
up a bit of a cough and cold; but nothing that could detract from the real
progress he has made this week.

There is now some talk of him possibly being let home for a
few hours next weekend. This will come
much sooner than we expected, which is a real measure of where we now find
ourselves! The one problem we have
(which is a good one), is that Cian has actually come out and said he loves
being in hospital. Even though it will
still be a while before we can spend any prolonged time at home, the transition
may be a tad more challenging than we were expecting.

Now a few thank yous…

Our mention of Kool’n’Soothe a few blogs back certainly
provoked a reaction. We have now
received packs from a local businesswoman who wished to stay anonymous as well
as the management and staff at the pharmacy in Talbot Green. We now have plenty to keep Cian comfortable
for the next few weeks!

As his overall health appears to be improving, his headaches
seem to be subsiding, but we have been told that this will certainly come and
go as the radiotherapy is likely to irritate and aggravate the brain as the
treatment continues.

We also received a lovely email from Ann Robinson (I don’t
think it’s THE Ann Robinson).

When Cian started his ‘Beads of Courage’ he got to choose a
bag in which to keep his collection. The
bags are handmade by volunteers of ‘Be Child Cancer Aware’, and are brilliant
designs of very high quality.

Out of the many designs he had available to choose from,
including The Avengers and Winnie the Pooh, he chose an England FA football
bag. Being the tolerant and
understanding dad that I am, I am content with his decision! This will also please all my in-laws, the
majority of whom are West Ham fans… and considering this year marks 50 years
since England won the World Cup with a team consisting of its fair share of “Hammers”,
then maybe it is a sign and I can accept it… providing Wales still manage to
beat England in the Euros!

In the bag is a little certificate to show who made the bag,
along with an email address. So I
decided to send the maker, Ann Robinson, an email and photo on Cian’s
behalf. It read…

Hi Ann,

My name is Cian, I’m 4, and I am staying at Noah’s Ark
Children’s Hospital in Cardiff where I am receiving treatment for my cancer.

I have recently started my Beads of Courage collection and
was asked to choose my own bag.

Out of the lots and lots of designs I had to choose‎ from, I
liked your England football one the best!

Although I’ve lived in South Wales since a few weeks old, I
was born in Manchester.. so I can support England… but shhh don’t tell my

Thank you so much for taking the time to make my bag.

If you want to keep track of how I’m doing, you can follow
my journey at

Love Cian x

Ann’s reply was..

Thank you so much for letting me know that you have one my bags Cian.
I’m really pleased that you like it. It is so nice to know who chooses one of
them. I hope your treatments are going well and that you are enjoying
collecting your “Beads of Courage”. Well done you for being so brave.
My best wishes to you and all your family.

Ann X

Also thank you to everyone for their continued messages of support and prayers;
because between all this spiritual healing and the miracle of modern medicine,
things are moving in the right direction.

Hopefully we will finish the week tomorrow with more