Another new week beckoned this morning, and Cian and I woke

Cian didn’t really want to wake as early as we had to, but
he was looking forward to meeting up with mum at Velindre, to start week number
4 of radiotherapy.

Nothing to report, other than there was very little distress
or aggression.

Cian and I went back to the hospital while mum went to her
work to sort out a few things and catch up with friends.

There were lots of people on the ward making a fuss over
Cian and his trip home on the Sunday… but Cian was quite happy being back at
hospital; one of the reasons being his physio sessions.

It has been discussed that even if Cian gets to a point that
he is well enough to spend longer at home, it would be in his best interests
that he remains in hospital from Monday to Friday so that the progress on the
physio side is maintained.

When we first started chemo and radiotherapy we were told
that physio would take a backward step as Cian would not be well enough and too
tired to cooperate.

I think this plan of action has now been re-examined, as the
consultants have seen a rise in Cian’s energy and ability to cope with the
treatment; and the positive results in Cian’s mobility.

Due to the cumulative effect of tiredness as a result of the
radiotherapy; and the rise and fall of blood counts when we resume chemo… we
expect Cian to feel more lethargic as the treatment continues… but while he
is still willing and eager to continue with physio we are determined to make
the most of it.

Physio with Jamie and Ann was a little crazy. Cian was not only active, but
could be better described as hyperactive.

I am used to him being energetic and enthusiastic, like most
boys his age… but his attention span and cooperation was a bit erratic.

He was still following instructions and demonstrating all
the movements the physios were asking so they could accurately reassess his
balance and mobility; but with more nervous energy than expected.

Cian’s excitement and enthusiasm is also breeding more
confidence; but we need to be careful he doesn’t become over confident and
cause himself an accident.

But before the session finished, Cian put his feet on the
floor with Ann still holding him, and gave the impression that he wanted to
stand… not using his standing frame.

Ann asked whether Cian would like to try to walk a few
steps, to which he said yes!! So with
plenty of support Cian got to his feet and took a few hesitant steps.

The messages from his brain to his legs were certainly
working to get the basic movements, but the control will take a lot longer to
master. He was walking like on a
tightrope with one foot going directly in front of the other quite loosely…. or as he put
it, he was “walking like a ballerina”.

Now, by working away I missed his first steps As A toddler…
in fact, I think he had them in nursery??
But this did feel like I had a second chance to experience it. It is another milestone, but it must be put
into context that these are ‘baby steps’ on the long road to independent mobility!

Mum came back later in the afternoon while Cian was receiving
more ‘Beads of Courage’; and he was excited to tell her what he had achieved.

Mum brought some goodies for Cian, including more Kool’n’Soothe
from her colleagues and a lovely Get Well card!

It was time for me to leave and look after Dylan and Bethany while mum stays on Cian duty.