Well another weekend is upon us, and to make it even better,
it’s a 6 Nations weekend!

I get giddy when the rugby is on, and I’m slowly imparting
that on the kids.

The last couple of days have been quite positive, so that is
another reason to look forward to some family days.

At radiotherapy on Thursday we received some great
news. We were told we had reached a
stage of the treatment where they no longer have to radiate the brain and now
only have to concentrate on the area of the spine where the tumour grew. This is a relief as it does mean the rest of
his body now has time to recover… although the effects of radiotherapy can last
for days or weeks after the treatment stops.

We were also informed that the treatment might stop earlier
than we anticipated. If this is correct,
then it will be amazing as it will mean that Cian will not have treatment after
his birthday next weekend.. but we are going to get this clarified as we were
taken a bit by surprise.

Thursday was also World Cancer Day. You might think that Velindre Cancer Centre
or the oncology ward of a children’s hospital might mark it in some way; but we
didn’t witness anything different from a normal day…. And why should they? Nobody at these places need reminding to
consider what affect Cancer has, and what a cruel and debilitating disease it
is. People here are living and dying
with disease every day.

To look around the outpatients department at Velindre, it
soon becomes apparent that Cancer is indiscriminate, as people of all ages, all
nationalities and both sexes are victims.

What I would say personally is if you are lucky enough not
to be affected by cancer; is to not live in fear; live life positively and
considerately; be aware of your body and that of anyone you have responsibility
over; if you feel that something is not right, get it checked, and don’t accept
the first diagnosis if it doesn’t feel right.

Cian continues to make excellent progress with physio, so Ann
and her team are thinking of more ways to test and develop Cian.

He played skittles with his wrestling figures yesterday, and
enjoyed a game of Pie Face today.

Cian is also interacting with more of the children on the
ward and hopefully making a few friends.
He had a shared tutor session today and made badges during Arts &
Crafts in the playroom with other patients.

I stayed at home today as is usual on a Friday, and
continued to prepare for the future. I had
a visit from an occupational therapist from the local council who was
accompanied by someone who specialises in adapting houses for
accessibility. They have identified a
few areas which will need ramps and adjustments so that Cian can easily
navigate the ground floor and garden.
Hope fully these will be installed in the next few weeks.

I also had to arrange for Cian’s medical equipment to be
delivered next week. This will allow us
to provide him with medicines and feeds at home.

I have also ordered a few fixtures and fittings for his
room, to make it as welcoming as we can.

Today I was also visited by the Community Champion of Tesco
Extra at Bridgend, who had received a lovely letter from a lady (who wished to
remain anonymous). Following an earlier
blog where I outlined the benefits Cian was receiving from Kool’n’Soothe, she
contacted the store to see whether they would help. They have duly obliged and supplied as with
12 packs to keep us stocked-up.

The Kool’n’Soothe blog certainly struck a chord with lots of
you and we thank all the people who sent or offered packs.

As well as the pain relief patches, we also received a
couple of presents and a number of boxes of treats. These treats consisted of candy and biscuits
and were shared amongst all the children of the ward and were gratefully

Once school finished for Dylan and Bethany I picked them up
and brought them straight to the hospital, where we had a family game of Pie
Face before settling down.

I managed to watch the Wales Under 20’s beat the Irish,
which I hope will be repeated on Sunday.
Although Cian and Bethany said they wanted to watch it with me, they got
bored by half-time.

For the rest of the weekend, we can look forward to spending
some time together at the ward tomorrow, and then hopefully another venture
home for Cian on Sunday!