Since the last update on Tuesday evening, I am pleased to
report that Cian’s health has been gradually improving as the week has

Although it was hoped that Cian may have started his next
course of chemotherapy this week he was not well enough for that to happen.

It’s been awful to see him so ill and so weak, so now he has
improved we hope to make the most of the next few days before chemotherapy.

His appetite is nowhere near where we would like it to be,
but at least he has started taking small amounts of fluids and solids orally.

Since Wednesday Cian has been receiving more physiotherapy
using his walking frame and he is growing in confidence and strength.

He now has the opportunity to spend some time over the
weekend at home (the first opportunity in 3 weeks), but we are very nervous as
his health is still so fragile and the last thing we want is a reversal in
fortunes which could further delay his treatment. Don’t get me wrong, I believe there is less
chance of him picking up an infection at home, as by the nature of hospitals, there
are more sick people on the Rainbow Ward than what he is likely to come into
close contact with at home… but we don’t have the luxury of a nurse or a doctor
on hand… although they are only at the end of a phone line.

His journey home this afternoon was somewhat of a novelty,
as we no longer had to rely on a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi, but could use his
newly acquired car seat AND his new wheelchair.

Therefore, he had his first ride in the family car since
December… and the trip in December was never planned. I even got the car cleaned!!

Anyone who has ever had the experience of transporting home
a newborn baby from hospital in a new car seat will understand the excitement
and apprehension that is involved in such a journey.

It went smoothly enough and we even managed a trip through
McDonalds drive-through as Cian said that he was ‘starving’… words we haven’t
heard for a while and ones that were very welcome. He didn’t eat all of his meal, but we are
grateful for all encouraging signs.