Last week ended on a little bit of a low. I mentioned Cian was in isolation while the
hospital labs performed a couple of tests, and unfortunately they came back
showing that Cian had picked up an infection…. and a nasty one at that!

However much we try to protect Cian from bugs, we know it is
very likely that he is going to pick up a few nasty things along his journey.

So on Friday he was put straight on a 10 day course of

Not only that, but the blood transfusion that we were hoping
would take place first thing in the morning didn’t get erected until past 6 o’clock. As a transfusion takes in the region of 2
hours it was decided that Cian (and me) would spend another night at the
hospital and delay the start of our weekend.

This was sort of a blessing in disguise as it meant that we
could also focus on ensuring that the infection was as much under control as we

So the Saturday was spent waiting for a doctor to come and
review Cian to be given the green light to go home. Again, we were hoping that this would be
early as Bethany was having a few friends over for a small pamper party.

It was a little frustrating as the doctor didn’t see us
until after 3pm when the party was already in full swing, so we had to get a
taxi home.

At least we caught the tail-end of the party, which cheered
Cian up a bit.

We didn’t get up to too much on the weekend with Cian home,
as we had to be careful not to make his situation any worse; but we made the
most of just spending some time together playing games.

Monday it was back to the hospital knowing full well that we
would be put straight into isolation.
Cian was still feeling the effects of the infection and it was clear
that it was taking a lot out of him.

Although we were trying to replace as much lost fluids as we
could, we were always on a losing battle and when he was weighed it showed that
he had lost a half a kilogram. We do
feel guilty as we were given the responsibility of taking care of him at home
and there are occasions that we are bringing him in worse than when he was

The doctors and nurses were quick to point out that the
infection would have caused this whether he was at home or at hospital.

He was quickly attached to extra fluids to try to counter
any dehydration.

Cian and I stayed at the hospital and had a McDonalds (Cian
still only nibbles at his food), while Dylan and Bethany were at home having a
visit from Anne the play therapist.

First thing on Tuesday Cian had a platelet transfusion. This picked Cian up a little bit and it
seemed that his antibiotics were also starting to kick in.

Wednesday saw our usual visitors of Jasper and Uncle G. Both put a huge smile of Cian’s face.

Not so amusing was my decision to watch the Sunderland v
Everton game on Cian’s iPad. He was
dressed in his Everton pyjamas, but had fortunately fallen asleep by half time when
Everton were already well beaten.

Thursday (today) Cian has had another hearing test that
demonstrated that (to date) his radiotherapy and chemotherapy has not adversely
affected his hearing too much (if at all).
This again is very positive news.

Although his earliest date for his next chemo was tomorrow
(Friday), the consultants have decided to give Cian a full weekend at home and
assess him again on Monday. This chemo
will be number 8 (out of 9).

So barring any major delays we should have Cian home at a
reasonable time tomorrow.

Physio this week was a little awkward, as we were confined
to a relatively small room, but Cian had some fun playing with his wrestlers
and also some fun breathing exercises to widen his air ways.

This involved blowing bubbles into foamy water. Given the win by West Ham (the team of most
of his maternal family) over Man United on Thursday.. it showed where his
loyalty for that particular game lay!

Cian also had some one-on-one time with Kimberley the play
specialist and by his own request did some crafty things. They also had a play with some funny videos
that I hope to upload soon… watch this space!