As you can imagine, last weekend for Cian was a bit boring.

He was stuck in the hospital in isolation, and due to the shingles we couldn’t risk bringing Dylan and Bethany in.

You might be interested to learn (as we were), that shingles can’t be passed from one person to another… but if someone who has never had chicken pox comes into direct contact with the blisters associated with shingles; then they can contract chicken pox.

We are a little unsure if Bethany has ever had chicken pox as she only came out in one spot when we thought she had it! So, the safest thing was to keep them apart, which is never nice for any of us.

So as we do during the week, we alternated staying at hospital and home.

On Saturday night was the White Collar Boxing. Although I couldn’t make it I kept up to date with everything on Facebook. It truly looked like an awesome event. I am very grateful to the organisers, the fighters and attended!

The start of this week has not improved too much for Cian.

Although the shingles are not causing him any real problems or discomfort, the effects of last week’s chemo are now kicking in with sickness and diarrheoa. This is on top of his loss of appetite. So we are now struggling to ensure that he has sufficient feeds and fluids. If that doesn’t improved then we risk him having to stay in for a 2nd consecutive weekend.. which we hope to avoid, especially as its a Bank Holiday one!

There have been some plus points, as Cian continues to make gradual progress in his physio. The strength in his lower body is noticably improving.

He was also treated to another session from Rubicon Dance.

This session was being assessed by Noah’s Ark to see how beneficial it is to patients.

As parents we think that these sessions have a very positive impact on Cian, because as well as emotional well-being, it also provides an additional form of physiotherapy and has an element of education.

We firmly believe that treatment (especially for children) should include interventions of this kind (as well as all the medical inputs) to aid a speedier and more pleasant recovery.

We would be interested to know others constructive views so that they could be fed back.

The video I created has been published as Rainbowfish which is the charity/trust that we would look to establish once Cian has completed his treatment.

I thought I would start to raise it’s awareness now.

We also had a visit from Patch the dog, who is the mascot of LATCH. He was distributing ‘Brian Toys’, which had been donated by And we were also treated to Jasper today courtesy of Dreams & Wishes.

I am really pleased to announce that Jasper has agreed to be host; compere; master of ceremonies; auctioneer; entertainer and more at our Charity Ball in October!

There has already been massive interest, and we will be looking to finalise attendance in the next couple of weeks.

I hope to write a dedicated fundraising blog to keep everyone updated on what has been raised and our latest thoughts on how some of the money will be spent… although it is still very difficult (even at this stage) to understand what Cian’s ongoing needs will be, as things are changing regularly.