I am going to keep this blog quite short…

The reason being there is not too much to report.

We are in a very similar position to the last blog.

We are still stuck in isolation, because even though they can’t find any infections via their multitude of tests, Cian’s sporadic symptoms of sickness, diarrhoea and tummy pain suggest otherwise. So we are in a situation where we are deemed guilty until proved innocent.

The main issue is that with Cian restricted to a small hospital cubicle, it is very difficult to get him active; and the more time he spends in bed the more lethargic he is, and he is becoming more reluctant to take part in physiotherapy as there is only so much anyone can do to motivate him.

Plus he is attached to numerous tubes and wires that further restricts his movement.

One of the major tests this week was a bladder scan to ensure that he was emptying his bladder. Thankfully this was ok, as the thought of having to return to using a catheter was not appealing. But at least we got to leave the room to attend the radiology department, even if only for half an hour.

Cian’s TPN feeds are progressing well, and he continues to be putting on weight and is now over half a kilogram heavier than when he started it. The decision has been made that this will continue, which again means that Cian has no prospect of going home this coming weekend.

This is made a little more disappointing as we were allocated circus tickets on Friday night from Kids Cancer Charity, but Cian is still very understanding.

The other frustration, is that the consultants are a little reluctant to start Cian’s last chemotherapy until he is deemed ‘well enough’.

The problem is that measuring Cian’s wellness is quite subjective, and this can change hourly. I put it down to lethargy and boredom of being in the same room.

All that said, I trust the consultants totally; and although it would be tempting to get the last chemo ‘over and done with’, we wouldn’t want to rush the process and possibly cause further setbacks further on.

The one thing that Cian has enjoyed this week in Loopin’ Louie. It is a game that he had for Christmas but has only recently got around to playing it. It has turned into a firm favourite on the ward amongst the physiotherapists, teachers and play therapists.

I’m hoping to give you all some more positive news on Friday.

Even though we didn’t manage to get Cian home last weekend, I was able to attend the Llanharan RFC Presentations last Saturday night.

It was a great opportunity to see the players receive deserved appreciation and recognition in what was a very difficult season.

I was also presented with a cheque of £4,000 that was raised at the Past v Present game a few weeks ago. It gave me the platform to thank everyone at the club that have rallied around Cian, and appropriately this money will go towards continued rehabilitation for his mobility. We are consulting with physiotherapists on what Cian can do to boost his progress.