Unfortunately, Cian didn’t have a great night on Friday.

He woke at about 2am Saturday morning and wanted a ham sandwich! This in itself wasn’t unusual, as Cian’s favourite meal at the moment (with the exception of a McDonalds’s Nugget Happy Meal) is a ham sandwich.

This is a positive, as it’s always good to see Cian eat, but his ability to fall back asleep is much better than mine.

And Cian remained restless for the duration of the night and was extremely grisly and in considerable pain when he woke.

He remained in this mood for most of the day which is so frustrating, as the hope and expectation for mum and I is that may be he may be poorly for a couple of hours a day, but we can enjoy the company of the ‘happy go lucky’ Cian we know for long periods.

It is draining to see him in pain but have little control over rectifying it. The solution in treating one symptom can often be the cause of creating a new one.

I managed to take Cian out for a couple of trips in his wheelchair around the hospital, which breaks up the day, but he could only tolerate this for a short period before he was asking to be returned to his bed.

I left mummy and Cian late afternoon so I could spend a few hours with my friend around the pubs close to the hospital. This was a welcome relief to me and I hope that the message that Cian fell asleep at half 6 means that he had an extended night in the land of nod and wakes in a better mood on Sunday.