Apologies for misquoting a Rachel Stevens’ song in the

I’m not a great fan of the track, but I hope the cryptic
name of the post will become apparent soon…

But first, let me introduce you to Oscar… or Oski if get
to know him really well!

If you have examined closely any photos of Cian in these
blogs you will see that Oski is never too far away. In fact he has escorted him every step of his
journey. He’s been there during his
scans, his tests and even his operations.
Oski even has his own bandage on his hand from where ‘blood was taken’.

Oscar was given to Cian on his first birthday by his Uncle
Stuart and Aunty Lisa, and has been his comforter and protector ever since.

He has also been an ice breaker for every new person that
Cian comes across.

Today, it was Oski’s turn to get fitted for a radiotherapy
mask in solidarity for his best friend.

I have included a YouTube video from The Open University of
how the mask is used and give you an idea of what Radiotherapy looks like.

Cian’s situation is a little different, as first he is put
under general anaesthetic (GA). As you
can see from the video, the mask can be uncomfortable and a little claustrophobic;
and I have no doubt that Cian would get distressed if he was awake.

Cian also has Radiotherapy applied to a number of areas on
the brain, and similarly to different sections of the spine. This is to do with the nature of his
cancer. This has been taking over 45
minutes beginning to end (including GA); which is longer than the majority of
other radiotherapy patients.

The machine used is called a Linear Accelerator (LA). Hence the title of my blog… Sweet Dreams
refers to Cian’s General Anaesthetic; the LA to the the Linear Accelerator; and
the x represents the little kiss we give Cian when ‘he is under’, and we have
to leave for him to complete his treatment.

It was Cian’s 2nd Radiotherapy, out of a total of
32 sessions. These will occur daily
(Monday to Friday for just over 6 weeks).

He is coping quite well at the moment from the experience,
and we hope that this will continue.

Cian has been a little uncomfortable in the last few days
with a very delicate side effect and we are doing what we can to ease that
situation. He has also been feeling a
little subdued.. which isn’t surprising.

One of the reasons for this, is that his latest chemotherapy
is starting to work and affecting his ‘blood counts’. His haemoglobin
levels have dropped to below a point where today, just before I left the
hospital, they supplied him with a unit of blood. This was always to be expected.

The change in Cian was almost instantaneous. He had a glow about him and his energy levels
and mood was boosted by the blood. It’s
less surprising to me now why vampires are supposed to get a rush by ingesting
the stuff!

I now feel more compelled to go and give blood again. I used to do it regularly before I had a bad
experience when in Manchester, and not returned since. I think that experience was a one off and now
I’m ready to give back again!

Cian had a great chat with his brother and sister this
evening, something he certainly hadn’t felt up to for a few days. So hopefully he will sleep well tonight and I
will be driving to Velindre after dropping off Dylan and Bethany to school
ready for Radiotherapy Round 3!