As Cian has finished his latest dose of chemotherapy, and
his radiotherapy is a daily cycle of a morning trip to Velindre and back, there
is a lot less to report than usual; as we have now hit a routine. But at least that will give me an opportunity
to blog about other things that now have an effect on Cian’s (and our) life at
the hospital.

Before I start that, I will at least give you a little
update on Cian’s well-being…

He is in quite a bit of discomfort due to one of his side
effects. By me not elaborating on it,
you might be able to guess what that is.
Since his transfusion on Tuesday, Cian’s blood remains at a level where
he doesn’t need any more just yet. He is
a bit more sleepy, which is affecting his appetite, and this has meant that
they are having to supplement his food intake.

The only positive I can take about him being in any
discomfort is that I had a lovely cwtch (cuddle for any non-Welsh
readers). I haven’t had one of these for
a while…. And it felt very good!

Right, now to the next part of today’s blog.

It has now been 6 weeks since we first arrived at Noah’s Ark
Children’s Hospital.

The one thing I expected when we realised that our stay was
going to be a prolonged one, was how we were going to keep Cian entertained,
and how were the rest of us going to keep our sanity.

The first issue is that Cian is a very active child. If he is not playing sports or games, then he
is up singing and dancing. The other
children on the ward all have differing symptoms and a variety of different
tumours or leukaemia; but as far as I know none have the paralysis that Cian
has. Is Cian going to get frustrated by
not easily being able to do things independently?

Fortunately, things and people are geared up to ensuring
that children (and the families) are entertained.

The one surprising thing is actually how little free time we
get. For instance here is Cian’s current

* 7am to 11am Cian is in Velindre
for radiotherapy

* 11am to 12pm Back in the ward and
made comfortable and receives his medication

* 12pm to 1pm Lunch

* 1pm to 2pm Physio session, and visits
by dietician, doctors and consultants

* 2pm Attached to his food
supplement and other medications

And there are also lots of other treatments and
interventions going on.

So what is there to do otherwise… well I’m going to list
them here:


* Each ward has at least one playroom which is stocked with
toys, games, video consoles, DVD’s, arts and crafts. These are staffed by play specialists and

* As well as the ad-hoc VIP visitors that came in over
Christmas, there are more regular entertainers that visit the Rainbow ward

* Each room has its own TV and DVD player

* There are a number of iPads that can be loaned out, of which
Cian has one

* There is a very good wifi system which is powerful to stream
video. Cian uses BBC iPlayer and Netflix
to watch his favourite TV Shows


* We also have access to the above

* Latch provide accommodation with its own TV/DVD

* There are also communal lounges and other facilities to use

* Latch provide access to the Cardiff Medical Centre Sports
& Social Club facilities, including swimming pool and gym

* Latch also provide sessions by a reflexologist and head masseuse

* Latch provide access to psychologists and social workers to
help come to terms with the situations families have to face

* The Club also has a bar that shows Sky Sports

* There are a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants on site

So although I would much prefer going out on day trips,
which what our family did most weekends; we do have options available to us to
ensure Cian’s mind and body is stimulated; and that Dylan and Bethany not only
feel that they have to go and visit their brother, but to a place that they
will want to go and hopefully create some good memories to look back on in the
future; and not just that off seeing their little brother being ill.