Cian has been a little unsettled today. As well as his cough and cold, he has been
complaining of various other aches and pains on and off.

Most of them can be dealt with by adjusting his posture or
massaging his aches, but there are other like tummy pain that is much more
difficult to diagnose.. especially as we need to differentiate between
something relating to his gut or nerve pain.
Cian is not able to tell the difference.

That must be one of the issues they have on this ward, as
Cian is by no way the youngest resident.
How can toddlers give an accurate description of where, what and how
something is hurting?

They may be old enough to point to where something is
hurting, but how are they supposed to be able to describe the pain?

And in the case of Cian’s original symptoms; if what they
are feeling is nerve pain, is it manifesting in the place where it is
originating? Cian’s official diagnosis
took a number of days, as Cian’s tummy pain was originating from a tumour in
his back; so when the doctors were completing urine tests and scans on his
stomach, kidneys and appendix all showing no abnormalities; it is no wonder why
diagnostics can be very hit or miss. Not
even watching all the seasons of House could steer me in the right direction.

Also, regular pain and nerve pain are treated with
completely different drugs; which I have been told would have little or no
effect if misdiagnosed. Cian receives
regular paracetamol for conventional pain and a drug called Gabapentin for
nerve pain; so hopefully whatever is bothering him will be relieved.

It is frightening to see how many medicines Cian has to
ingest every day, and there seems to be new ones being prescribed as quickly as
others are being discontinued. There are
different drugs for pain relief, anti-sickness, raising levels of potassium and
magnesium, combatting constipation and many others… and this is not including
the chemotherapy, radiotherapy and blood & platelet transfusions!

This morning the whole family spent a couple of hours
upstairs watching ‘Inside Out’ while being sprawled on the ‘Minky’
blanket. It is an animated film about characters
that reflect the different emotions that live within the brain, and how they
interact to hopefully make a well balanced child.

Mum and I couldn’t help but giggle to wonder how Cian’s
brain characters are currently behaving, given all the drugs and radiation they
are being subjected to!

Next was lunch, and another fast food feast. Given that I had a telling off from Cian’s
consultant this week for losing too much weight, I’m starting to think whether
my KFC meals and McDonalds could be prescribed?

I then took Dylan and Bethany swimming for them to hopefully
lose some of the extra calories that they don’t need. One positive thing is that these extra trips
to the pool are certainly improving their swimming!

When we got back it was time for mum to take home Dylan and
Bethany to get ready for another school week, while I tried to persuade Cian
that it was a good idea to have dad look after him for the night. This didn’t go down too well, and it was only
4 o’clock.

Fortunately a couple of nurses and I managed to calm him
down and the fun began!

I got Cian in his wheelchair and we went down the
playroom. Usually Cian can tolerate
somewhere between a half hour to an hour in his wheelchair… but tonight we had
a 3 hour FIFA 15 marathon on the wards PlayStation 4!

This was followed by some crafts and watching about 10 episodes
of The Aquabats on Amazon Prime from his bed.

He finally fell asleep at half 10 much more happier than he
had been for most of the day, and left me to write this blog.

Week 3 of radiotherapy starts tomorrow… it seems bizarre
that we already a third of the way through it.
Time is certainly flying!