I couldn’t have asked for a much better night from Cian last
night, who slept through until just before it was time to leave for Velindre…
in fact we had to make our Ambulance driver Simon wait for a few minutes when I
dressed Cian in about 6 different layers of clothing and blankets! It’s way too early and cold to venture out

We got to the Cancer Centre to be greeted by mum.. I have
never managed to beat the ambulance to Velindre from home; but this is more to
my lack of organisational skills rather than speed demon driving from mum.

This must have been the best session of Radiotherapy in
terms of Cian’s mood that we had experienced.
He was totally calm being put under General Anaesthetic right until the
last couple of seconds, and woke pretty fresh.
In fact he was already awake before they called us back, and had updated
his treatment sticker chart.

Within a couple of minutes Cian was sitting up, which was
mostly self propelled and asking for food.

So it was back to Noah’s Ark for me and Cian while mum ran a
few errands.

Cian and I were kept sooo busy when we got back. We had a physio session comprising of a game
of Mr Men Snakes & Ladder with Ann the Physio, Kimberley the Play
Specialist, Cian and myself. Cian found
it amusing to choose my character as Little Miss Naughty. Ann made him move in various positions to
test all his major muscle groups, which demonstrated to her that his core
strength continue to build… to the point that she got Cian to sit UNSUPPORTED
for 10 seconds! He did it so well, that
Ann made him do it a further 2 times to show off to other doctors and staff who
came to check up on him!

After that finished… with Cian winning yet again, it was
time to go to the playroom in his mobile standing frame. This was the same time that the lunch trolley
entered the ward. For the whole 6 and a
half weeks that Cian has been in hospital, he has never once gone to the food
trolley, due to the fact that he wasn’t mobile.
Now Cian got to go and choose his own food, and not rely on me, who is
selfish and usually pick based on what I would eat if Cian refused! Another new experience and milestone passed!

Cian chose the turkey and mash with stuffing and lots and
lots of ketchup. He devoured the red
sauce and some bits of the turkey, but was now more eager to get on the PS4 and
play some FIFA.

It was another couple of hours with Cian in a very good
mood, interacting with other children and spending time away from our hospital
room! Again, the first time he has been
well enough to do so.

But as the Law according to Sod dictates, this was not going
to be allowed to last!

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, Cian has had a cough
and a cold since before the weekend… and although this was common knowledge
it had now become official. Test results
from a mouth swab had come back, and confirmed the diagnosis of nothing more
than a common cold.

A bout of the sniffles anywhere else, would usually result
in a big cuddle, some calpol and a push into school… But on the Rainbow Ward
it means….. Isolation!!

Cian is now confined to his room until he has fully
recovered… from the cold that is!

Seriously though, it is vital that this occurs because lots
of the patients are going to be immune-suppressed and even a cold can seriously
jeopardise their treatment and recovery.

The frustrating thing is that Cian’s cold symptoms are much
better today than they have been!

The irony that Cian has been quarantined on the day that he
has found his new sense of freedom didn’t escape me… nor did the fact that
Alanis Morrisette’s Ironic was the song playing when I turned on the radio on
the way home!

I picked Dylan and Bethany from school and there waiting for
us at home was Ann White, a play therapist from Kids Cancer Charity. She visits Dylan and Bethany every couple of
weeks and plays with them… which is no mean feat, as getting Dylan and
Bethany to play together can be quite a challenge! It’s an excellent service as it’s focussed on
them rather than Cian. Although I’ve sat
in on the last couple of sessions to make sure that D&B are settled with
Ann (which they definitely are!), I am now going to make myself scarce from
now on, as it might give them an opportunity to open up to Ann and discuss
something that they won’t in from of me and mum.

While we have been at home Cian has been used as a guinea
pig for 8 doctors to hone their skills.
Not sure how he found that experience, but I am sure he will tell me in
the morning!