Two days of blogs to catch up on again… I really am
slipping, but there are good reasons.

The family and the hospital are keeping me really busy,
which is most definitely a good thing.

When Cian was first diagnosed and we knew that this battle
would take months, I anticipated that it would be the longest few months of my
life and that time would pass incredibly slowly or even stand still.

Fortunately the days and weeks are flying by and it is now 2
calendar months since we first arrived at Noah’s Ark. I don’t know how I ever fitted in time to
work! (No sarcastic comments please).

Tuesday’s radiotherapy went smoothly. Got to give a huge thanks to the team that
look after Cian at Velindre (including the anaesthetist team from the
University Hospital of Wales that attend every day). On Tuesday they changed the dressing for Cian’s
wiggly. It is a fairly sizeable dressing
so the experience of having what is basically a giant plaster peeled off your
chest is one Cian doesn’t like; but has to be done every couple of weeks.

So just like we have done with an NG tube and having his
nails cut; the radiotherapy team have agreed to do these tasks whilst Cian is
under General Anaesthetic.

Cian already has to endure so much; so any small way that
any distress can be minimised is always welcome.

Physio for Cian on Tuesday was full of fun. I won’t go into it too much as I am now going
to try to add more videos to make these blogs a little more interactive. What I didn’t capture on video (as I was
taking part) was a game that Cian came up with himself.

It involved some of us using cards placed on the head straps
from Cian’s “Whats Up” game, whilst Cian had to launch balloons at our heads in
an attempt to know the cards off.

It was quite an inventive game from him, and produced quite
a few laughs.

Talking about laughs, Cian was once again visited and
entertained by Jasper… who brought his ‘A’ game. Rather than a regular balloon sword, Cian was
treated to a much more complex latex weapon made from a number of
balloons! It was really impressive. Unfortunately it popped a couple of hours
later; which actually brought tears of sadness to Cian, and was heartbreaking!

Don’t get me wrong, over the past few weeks I have seen Cian
crying in pain or being upset on too many occasions than a father should ever
witness their child… but this was the first time in ages where there were tears
of sadness; and one of the first times Cian as actually felt sorry for himself.

Also Tuesday afternoon Cian was visited by Tony and Karen
from the charity Dreams & Wishes.
They presented Cian with his own personal iPad. This will be a great tool for Cian, as it
gives him more flexibility than the one loaned by the hospital and now allows
him to create videos to share with everyone!

This charity uses the hashtag #SmilesOnFaces and are always
keen to ensure they do just that. We
have been told that Cian will be entitled to more than one wish… we want to
make sure that it will be something so special that it could never be

And to cap off a hectic Tuesday afternoon, Cian had his first
tutorial. As Cian turn 5 in February, he
qualifies from some daily lessons. You
might think that Cian would be enjoying not having to go to school, but Cian
has always thrived in a learning environment and welcomes the tuition…
providing there is still a fun element to it!

I left at half 4 to collect Dylan and Bethany…. And escort
Dylan to rugby training

Cian and mum had a peaceful night at the ward, with them
both falling asleep before half 8.

Wednesday didn’t start according to plan.

Once I dropped of D&B at school I had to abort my
journey to Velindre. There was a broken
down lorry on the M4 that was causing 15 mile tailbacks. I was in a slow moving queue still trying to
get on the motorway. Once it reach 25
past 8 I knew it would likely take another hour before I reached the Cancer
Centre so I turned around and pottered around the house for a couple of hours.

Not long after I arrived home, mum text me to say that
things were not going so smoothly at Velindre either. Due to unforeseen staff resource issues, Cian’s
radiotherapy was over an hour late being carried out; but mum said that Cian
coped with the delay very well.

Cian was already having his physio session when I arrived at
the hospital at half 12. He was crawling
on the mat and minky (with support), putting together his Paw Patrol puzzle…
this was after playing with his wrestling figures.

My arrival proved to be a distraction, as I came bearing a
McDonalds, and Cian was quite peckish at this point.

After food Cian had another session with Chris, his
tutor. Cian tried reading a couple of
books; was playing ‘Jolly Phonics’ on the iPad; and playing with wooden
shapes. I think Chris is pleased by Cian’s
intelligence for his age… which is a credit to his teachers at Llanharan
Primary School!

His intelligence is very important to us. We were told to expect that due to his age
and the radiotherapy he is being subjected to, Cian’s IQ would be a third less
than what would otherwise be expected and his learning potential would be severely

We just hope that Cian can continue to defy some of the more
negative expectations and surprise the consultants with more positive progress.

When mum left this afternoon Cian and I was visited by Uncle
G. We played a few games on the
PlayStation, and then on the floor. I am
not sure if he had done this when I haven’t been here, but I witness Cian move
himself from a laying position to a sitting one WITHOUT SUPPORT. I thought this was amazing!

We also did an interview with Cian in which we talked about what we did today and what he is looking forward to in the coming days!

Tonight we settled down and watch the football together, as
it was the second leg of the League Cup semi-final, between Everton (my team)
and Man City (where I worked for 4 years as a steward). We were both supporting Everton and things
were going well when the Toffees extended their aggregate advantage. But in an open game with a few debateable
decisions, City managed to claw their way back and eventually win. Cian then decided he was supporting Man City!

After the game he asked for me to read him a bedtime story
(Stick Man) and sing him a lullaby (Twinkle Twinkle); after which he told me he
loved me, cuddled into Oscar and is now fast asleep. I don’t think I will forget that moment in a
hurry; and even if he wakes from radiotherapy in the morning swinging punches
in my direction, I can rely on that one memory to keep me positive!

Tomorrow, Llanharan Primary School are having a PJ Day in support of Cian and Latch. Dylan and Bethany are looking forward to it, and Cian will be putting on his new PJ’s at Velindre in solidarity with his school mates.