Back in October, before Cian fell ill, we decided to book a family holiday for Easter.

We chose 7 days at Quay West, the Haven resort at New Quay, West Wales. We have stayed at quite a few Haven sites,and Quay West is certainly up there as one of our favourites. The location is stunning and the kids love the facilities.

All 3 of them enjoy the evening entertainment, but Cian more than Dylan and Bethany. Hes never been afraid to get involved in the games and party dances.

So when Cian was diagnosed we decided not to cancel the holiday. We hoped Cian would be well enough to travel, but when he woke at home on Good Friday it was obvious that he wasn’t.

He was not keeping anything down and was pale. We phoned the hospital who told us bring him in to be checked out.

He was readmitted and was allocated room 5.. A new room for us. Its smaller than our previous room which might be problematic when it comes to his physio, but we will work through it.

It was so heartbreaking to leave Cian and mum at the hospital, but it was important to give Dylan and Bethany the break they also deserve. Also the priority is to get Cian feeling well again, and he is in the right place for that to happen.

The original plan was to spend the weekend at Quay West as a family, bring mum and Cian back to hospital on the Monday and head back to the coast with Dylan and Bethany for the rest of the week. Now it looks likely that it will just the 3 of us for the entire break.

When we reached our destination we had a quick check to see how Cian was. He was quite a bit better than earlier thank to being given fluids, and rather than being justifiably disappointed and jealous of not being able to go on holiday himself, he had the grace to wish his brother and sister a great holiday!

He continues to blow me away with his outlook and positivity.

I won’t turn this blog into a holiday review, just to let you we are making the most of the situation.

Although we are a couple of hours away, Cian and mum are never very far away from our thoughts and we have regular contact through texts and calls.

Cian has had a few family visitors, as well as Laura and Kylie, play assistants from the other wards who gave Cian an Easter tattoo on his arm.

He has been spoiled by lots of chocolate eggs and a cuddly bunny he has named moon bunny. Just like at Christmas, lots of people and organisations donate to the hospital, which is a fantastic gesture.

He is still a bit up and down with bouts of sickness. He has received some blood this afternoon which will hopefully perk him up.