Well, after a couple of weeks of being visited by imposters, albeit very friendly and generous imposters, Cian and the rest of the family are preparing for the visit of the real Santa.

As you can no doubt appreciate, we want to spend as much quality family time together over the next couple of days to enjoy our Hospital Christmas Adventure!

Therefore, I will not have the opportunity to update my daily blogs. The plus side is that you won’t have to read them and can spend the time with your own families.

But I thought I’d share with you the Christmas message from that Cian received from Santa.

I will also share a pic or two via our Facebook page and our gallery.

Good luck to Rhys Jones and Helen & Ian Proudfoot who are going for an early morning dip into the sea at Porthcawl on behalf of Cian’s fund!

We all hope you have a fantastic Christmas and I will update you on all things Cian on Boxing Day.